Outstanding Service…Clean and Simple

Clean, organized, maintained, efficient. These are the elements that every building, office and place of business should possess. Whether a university, mall, food court, high-rise, or corporate headquarters, the image the working environment reflects is just as important as the work being performed inside.

St Moritz Building Services, Inc. provides consistent high-quality janitorial and related services for over 35 million square feet of property throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Delaware, Illinois, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Utilizing new systematic cleaning methods, equipment, materials and strong quality control procedures, we manage costs, which enables us to offer highest quality service at the lowest possible price.

There is so much more to maintaining a clean property than meets the eye, including safety concerns, security issues and a commitment to quality control and detail. St. Moritz Building Services, Inc. takes nothing for granted. Customer satisfaction is No. 1 on our list and we know that every client can have unique requirements for their cleaning specifications. Our job is to provide them with the solution.

From general maintenance to special event services, St. Moritz Building Services raises the bar on quality control. We meet with the customer, tour the facility, and gain a valuable understanding of the property so that we can address your needs to our fullest potential.

We provide on-site managers to handle concerns and follow-up immediately. To us a “partnership” means shared knowledge and that partnership is required between our cleaners, building supervisors, site supervisors and management personnel 24/7. We perform frequent and meticulous property inspections and include results in weekly and monthly reports to ensure consistent quality.

Our Employees…Meeting High Standards, Making the Difference

At St. Moritz Building Services, Inc., our employees are our most important asset. Committed and customer driven, our staff of over 1300 employees are trained in all aspects of their positions and provided with the latest technological equipment and materials. As a client, you can be assured that no employee is assigned a job within your facility without the necessary training.

In today’s world, your property is valuable and security is a big concern. Thousands and millions of dollars are invested in facilities from computers to office furniture to advanced technological equipment. For our peace-of-mind, and yours, St. Moritz Building Services conducts comprehensive screening processes and background investigations on all prospective employees. Once hired, all personnel are assigned specific areas and tasks so that we can immediately identify the employee responsible for a particular location.

There are those that clean and those that know HOW to clean. Knowledge is everything. Our employees know the products, procedures, equipment and supplies necessary to obtain the highest level of service your property deserves. They use only the cleaning solutions and methods it takes to make your surfaces, floors, rooms, walls, etc.

look their best no matter what the angle. We are professionals that care about your investment. With an eye for detail, we find and address potential problems when we see them. We notice a leak in your plumbing…we report it. Paint or finish needs restored…we let you know.