Day Cleaning

Day Cleaning

HHPC Day Cleaning Certified ContractorDaylight cleaning is an innovative application of earlier, varied cleaning times that incorporates specific housekeeping training, innovative equipment, and occupant education that results in significant energy savings and ultimately an improved cleaning experience for end users. St. Moritz Building Services, by partnering with global cleaning supplies and processes leader Diversey, is proud to present the HHPC Day cleaning program to its customers.


What are the Benefits of Day Cleaning?

When progressive, outside the box owners and property managers’ partner with experienced and innovative building service contractors, Day Cleaning can achieve the following:

  • A better cleaning experience through the visibility of cleaning activity and a well executed training program (day cleaning is NOT night cleaning shifted up a few hours)
  • Substantial energy savings by turning off lighting traditionally held on for custodial crew only (4-8% on average)
  • Reduction of carbon footprint that can be calculated in equivalence of CO2 not emitted or trees planted

Contact the Sustainable Solutions team today to learn more about the benefits of Day Cleaning and how it can be incorporated at your facility!