Sustainable Solutions

Why is St .Moritz committed to Sustainability?

  1. Minimizing our impact on the environment and protecting the health and safety of our employees is the right thing to do.
  2. What is important to our customers is important to us.
  3. If we choose to pursue something including sustainable practices, we strive to be the best.

St. Moritz Building Services has taken a leadership role in providing green cleaning and maintenance to customers through the development of the St. Moritz Sustainable Solutions program. Through St. Moritz Sustainable Solutions, we not only improve the environmental performance of our organization but contribute to the sustainability goals of our partners.

Ensuring Occupant and Employee Health and Safety

Through the strategic selection of chemicals, equipment and cleaning methods, our services contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality. Making sure that high risk areas are disinfected properly and that employees are trained on proper chemical and equipment use is vital not only for occupant health but for service employee safety as well. A healthy and safe environment for building occupants and service employees is key to a truly sustainable facility.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Cleaning chemicals in particular can have a significant environmental impact. We utilize Green Seal® certified chemicals wherever applicable and select chemicals with minimal environmental impact in all cases (for example: Green Seal® does not certify a disinfectant but it is vital that certain areas of the building are disinfected). Additionally, we utilize reusable products for cleaning applications to minimize waste streams from our operations.

Maintaining Cleaning Effectiveness

Part of a successful green cleaning program is maintaining a high level of cleaning effectiveness. Through our stringent quality control procedures including web based inspection and work order management software, we achieve our environmental objectives while refusing to compromise the level of service.

Capturing Resource and Cost Savings

Many sustainability goals are based on reduction in consumption of resources. A major component of our Sustainable Solutions program is the reduction of resources and materials used in the cleaning process.

  • Reduction in chemical usage (decreases environmental impact of chemicals, exposure of employees and occupants to chemicals).
  • Utilization of Day Cleaning (reduces energy usage significantly by allowing lights to stay off at night). See more details on Day Cleaning.
  • Energy efficient equipment (reduces energy usage and in turn the total environmental impact of the facility).
  • Reduction in disposables used (utilization of microfiber reusable cleaning tools cut down on disposable waste).

Contact the Sustainable Solutions team for a complimentary sustainability assessment.