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CleanTelligent is a program St. Moritz has used for years to help manage inspections, work orders, mobile surveys, reports, and business intelligence. By establishing a dependable quality control system, CleanTelligent allows us to take a proactive approach to complete your cleaning tasks. This program also allows us to automate communication, highlight results, and remind our custodial managers to confirm cleaning appointments, all in all creating a more efficient process for our employees and customers alike.


An effective quality control program must account for each facility’s unique needs. After all, each building has a different floor plan, as well as varying levels of foot traffic and surfaces. This is why we cannot simply re-use the same commercial cleaning checklist for every property we maintain. St. Moritz utilizes custom inspection lists with unique grading scales.

In building maintenance and cleaning, our service is only as good as our customers and building patrons perceive. Once we have completed our report, Cleantelligent allows both our inspector and you, the customer, to sign it. If you’d rather view the inspection report upon completion, we can set up CleanTelligent to simply email you the results.

As your team submits inspection reports, our software will automatically track and graph your results. This makes it easy to catch long-term cleaning trends.
Rest assured that as you enter data into our computerized maintenance management system (CMMS software) we will make sure your team has the information when they need it.

Work Orders

To simplify the process of creating work orders, our software can automatically generate them from deficient inspection scores, schedule preventative maintenance, and customer survey responses. In a service-oriented industry, customers and internal stakeholders expect regular project communication; fortunately, with our work order management software, clients and stakeholders can request services through the app or portal with their own login. CleanTelligent will even email the person in question, letting them know the task is completed.

With our janitorial work order software, teams and customers can also add priority levels, due dates, and pictures to any task from any mobile device. These additional details will help our team understand the request, its severity, and its urgency; additionally, they will ensure that we are sending staff with the right experience and tools to tackle the job.

Mobile Surveys

Building patrons often fail to report sanitation issues because they are either embarrassed or can’t find the right person to tell. Unfortunately, their inaction leaves the mess to fester, which in turn affects even more facility patrons. Our software gives us the power to create anonymous surveys for every location we serve. These survey questions will explain what customers like and what needs improvement regarding our services.

Use direct customer surveys to start a dialog between your team and specific clients or stakeholders.
When your team uses our Business Intelligence platform, you will be able to prioritize work from your top and bottom service locations—in a single glance.

Reports & Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) software allows us to improve service delivery, raise employee accountability, and build trust. It also helps improve general team performance by allowing us to instantly spot trends, investigate causes, and monitor corrective action.


Robotic floor scrubbers are becoming a reality in the large-scale cleaning industry, and are starting to show real promise in their application to commercial cleaning. St. Moritz is an early adopter of robotic technology that will soon become an integral piece of large-scale cleaning programs. We are proud to pilot the use of this technology in the prominent facilities that necessitate it.

Taski Intellibot and other robotic cleaners make it easier to keep your facility clean.