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As a sustainable, operations-driven company, St. Moritz Building Services partners with our providers to deliver environmentally friendly products and services that lead to long-term value and return on investment for property owners to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for staff and guests. Green initiatives help clients stay competitive and reach sustainability mandates:

Equipped with building, remodeling, and maintenance knowledge, we continuously seek solutions and adopt best practices to help sustain our environment. Environmental regulations, laws, and codes of practice will be regarded as a setting the minimum standards of environmental performance.

Green Cleaning & Purchasing

Many cleaning chemicals are known to pose a significant impact on the environment. St. Moritz works with the nation’s leading manufacturers to deliver products that meet stringent environmental standards. We only use products and provide supplies that meet the Green Seal™ environmental standards (GS-37) and are certified by the CRI Green Label Testing Program.

Waste Audit
Day Cleaning

Healthy High-Performance Daylight Cleaning

Healthy High-Performance Daylight cleaning is an innovative solution used to create sizable energy savings as well as an improved cleaning experience for end-users; it incorporates earlier, varied cleaning times, specific housekeeping training, state-of-the-art equipment, and occupant education. By partnering with Diversey, a global cleaning supplies and processes leader, St. Moritz Building Services is proud to present the HHPC Day cleaning program to its customers.

About the HHPC Program

The HHPC program reduces the negative impacts of cleaning on an individual’s health as well as the environment by providing a pathway to cleanliness and the maintenance of sustainable buildings. This program includes an assessment of current facility operations and is certified to improve indoor air quality by UL Environment GREENGUARD GOLD. HHPC also stands as a complete green cleaning program to help meet LEED building operations and maintenance requirements.

What are the Benefits of Day Cleaning?

Asset Value Appreciation

Day cleaning reduces the net operating costs of the building, resulting in increases in cash flow and asset value.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Because it is better for the environment and contributes to employee satisfaction, cleaning contributes to your Corporate Social Responsibility performance. Many businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, employees, shareholders, and others, as well as the environment. Simply put, Corporate Social Responsibility is good for people and business.

Occupant & Tenant Satisfaction

When occupants and tenants see their workplaces cleaned, they become more satisfied with the levels of cleanliness in the building. They see issues being resolved in a timely manner and high-traffic zones being attended to more quickly. Your building’s security also improves with day cleaning; with staff members working with and in view of occupants during office hours, ongoing issues such as theft and unlocked doors are essentially eliminated.

Waste Stream Analyses & Performance Reports

St. Moritz conducts LEED Waste Stream Analyses and drafts the resulting Waste Stream Performance Reports per the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) requirements. We work closely with the USGBC as well as independent LEED consultants to ensure our waste stream analysis methodology and reports exceed client, GBCI, and USGBC expectations. 

During waste stream analysis, St. Moritz physically separates the various waste types to determine the classification of each material type and weight thereof as produced by the Audit Building. Additionally, we collect all relevant third-party data from the Audit Building and the various service providers to incorporate in our Waste Stream Performance Report.

The LEED certification program is a living program, and as such St. Moritz grows and evolves with the many different versions of LEED to ensure we meet the needs and requirements of each version of LEED. A St. Moritz waste audit will give an Audit Building an independent and objective review of their solid waste and recycling program, with observations of the waste stream including generation of both residual waste and recycling, sorting and collection activities, transportation of materials to the disposal area, and final disposition of all waste and recycling materials. Our waste audit report also offers recommendations for both solid waste and recycling streams. At the end of the day, our goal is to collect authentic data with measurable results that can produce actionable feedback.