Corporate Office Services

Corporate Office Cleaning Services

Corporate Office Services

The corporate office environment offers unique cleaning challenges to asset managers tasked with hiring a progressive service partner that can balance both the support and quality control demands of a discerning headquarters showpiece along with the always looming budgetary constraints.

Through the implementation of proprietary Cleantelligent quality control software, innovative and efficient equipment and materials, and a transparent approach to pricing and account management, St. Moritz Building Services has been able to attract Fortune 500 Corporate clients as well as prove ourselves valuable enough to retain over multiple contract terms.

Corporate offices represent your corporate image and perception to your employees, shareholders, and clients and demand consistent cleaning performance along with a progressive approach to change management to be able to adapt to a rapidly dynamic environment.

St. Moritz has partnered with hundreds of corporate facilities spanning tens of millions of square feet in 15 states and understands exactly how critical cleaning is to your operation.

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